Profile of the Month

The volunteer for the month of October is Hilario C. Lamotte! Read why Hilario chose to volunteer with the Halifax Refugee Clinic.
1. Why do you choose to Volunteer at the Halifax Refugee Clinic?
In my opinion, being a volunteer is already  a motive to be proud, because as the rest of the volunteers I like serving the community, and the Halifax Refugee Clinic gives me the chance to help refugees as well as newcomers to Canada. I am having a good time helping people.
The first example of volunteerism I found in Canada was at the Halifax Refugee Clinic where I came asking for help as a refugee. The Halifax Refugee Clinic shows me how to be unselfish, without any intention of looking for recognition or gratitude for my actions, shows me to look for a chance for the better in other newcomer’s situations when they arrive in Canada.
2. What is your favorite part of volunteering?
I enjoy having the possibility of sharing my skills to help people and at the same time when I am receiving their permission to being helped by me as part of our group of volunteers.

3. What do you LOVE about Halifax?
Halifax is a coastal city and has a big harbour, which remains me my natal city. Halifax also acts as a mother who is ready at all times to receive and consider new visitors as adopted children.

4. If you could choose one word to describe your volunteer position?

5. Who inspires you in your life?
Just a simple philosophy, where the knowledge is a gift that is not an individual luxury and is a shared responsibility to be shared with people in need.

Hilario C Lamotte