“I was searching for a place that works each day to uphold the ideals that are so very important to me… Being able to participate even in the smallest of ways helps me to know that I am doing what is right” (Volunteer)


The Halifax Refugee Clinic continues to rely substantially on public volunteerism. Volunteers enable the Clinic to offer a wider breadth of services to clients while furthering the volunteer’s development of cultural competency, awareness of the challenges refugee claimants face, and an understanding of how the current political environment is eroding refugee rights in Canada. Volunteers are indispensable components in the service delivery to clients and often note that working with refugee claimants is a life changing experience. Moreover, the connections volunteers make with clients prove time and again to be essential to the wellbeing of the client in terms of friendship and community connectivity. This past year in particular, we have seen an increase in the number of international students from diverse disciplines who want to use their language skills to contribute to the community and assist highly vulnerable newcomers with settlement and integration. The Clinic operates on a volunteer model not only out of necessity but also philosophy. It is important to us to draw on members of the community for their skills and humanitarianism, but also to actively engage in community building by facilitating important connections between refugee claimants and other members of the community.

Currently, the volunteer positions the Refugee Clinic is looking to fill are the following:


  • Volunteer legal counsel (law students and lawyers)
  • Volunteer psychologists and mental health counselors (certification required)
  • Volunteer interpreters and translators (advanced level or fluency required)
  • English language tutors (prior experience not required, but preferred)
  • Volunteer grant-writers and fundraisers


If you would like to apply for any of the above four volunteer positions please contact halifaxrefugeeclinic@gmail.com . You will be required to provide a statement of interest, two references, and a resume. Please note, that due to the high volume of applications we receive, we may require several weeks before we can respond to your email.

Thank you for you interest!