We are asked in Arabic, in French, in Somali and in over thirty additional languages.

We are asked by families fleeing war. We are asked by young women escaping forced marriages. By the people who have been tortured, persecuted, and who have left unsafe homes in hope of finding a safe future in Canada.   It’s the most urgent and frequent question we are asked, its: “Can you help me?”

As the leading organization for refugee advice, information, assistance, representation and settlement services we see the challenge. Will you help us  secure a better future for refugees?  Guiding each person and family to the resources they need. Helping refugees connect with employment services, language learning, mental health counseling, assistance navigating our legal and political systems, and finding a place to call home.The stories we have to share, of fleeing the unimaginable for the unknown, are a testament to the courage of those we help.

The outcomes we can share include those who have made our province their home and continue to give back to Nova Scotia.Make your gift today. Help welcome a refugee to Canada.  Because of compassionate people like you, we can say “yes, we can help you!” each time we are asked.

Shukraan, Merci, Mahadsanid!

There are many ways that it can be said, from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you for supporting our work.

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