Settlement Services

Needs Based and Access Focused Services

Settlement services are required by 100% of  clients relying on Clinic legal services. These services range from obtaining work and study permits, to accessing health care, housing support, navigating applications for income assistance, accessing pre-job training, resumé writing, job interview preparation, accessing legal aid counsel for non-refugee legal matters, accessing mental health services, support accessing food banks and apartment furnishings, and offering workshops to clients on a variety of topics.

General breakdown of settlement services provided by the Halifax Refugee Clinic:

  • Assisting with long-term housing
  • Setting up utilities
  • Registering with food bank, locating soup kitchens and clothing bank (giving community help maps to clients)
  • Finding basic household items and furniture
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Providing ESL classes, matching individual ESL tutors to clients
  • Preparing work/study permit applications
  • Providing employment counselling: creating resumes, job hunting, interview preparation
  • Setting up educational presentations and workshops for clients (for example: resume writing workshop, tenant rights and responsibilities workshop)
  • Promoting free or low-cost educational opportunities (for example, computer courses or lectures at the public libraries)
  • Assisting with accessing health care services
  • Making referrals for psychological counselling and offering in-house counselling through volunteers
  • Providing interpretation services
  • Making referrals to cultural societies
  • Making referrals to other service providing organizations
  • Organizing social/recreational activities (for example: indoor soccer team, Clinic parties, community garden program)
  • Assisting clients in securing immediate/temporary shelter
  • Advocating on behalf of clients in various capacities
  • Assisting clients in accessing income assistance with the Department of Community Services

If you are interested in learning more about the Settlement services offered at the Halifax Refugee Clinic and/or the settlement challenges and barriers faced by refugee claimants in our community, please call Gillian Zubizarreta (Settlement Coordinator) at 422-6736.