Q&A with some great volunteers!


Meet two of our volunteers, Grace Allen & Laura Nearing!

1. How did you hear about the Clinic and what made you want to help out?

Laura: “After taking a social work class at McGill University geared towards working with refugee populations I was immediately eager to get involved somehow in Halifax when I returned. I had mentioned my interest to Grace and she told me that she had heard about the Halifax Refugee Clinic in the news.  We were both excited to help out because even though we took different degrees at different universities, we knew we wanted to work with refugee populations. After looking into the Halifax Refugee Clinic we could tell it was an amazing organization that provided vital help to refugee claimants that otherwise would not be made available by this province.”


2. What is one thing you have learned that you would like to share since volunteering with the Clinic?

“One thing we have learned while volunteering at the Clinic is that even helping just one person can not only make a huge difference in their life but also your own. Unfortunately due to circumstances not many clients are always able to make it to our events. However, we know that for those who are able to attend, it may make their day or even just give them a smile and that is more than we could ask for.”

3. Who inspires you?

Grace: ” Tina Fey inspires me because she is a trail blazer and a strong female figure, a great role model.”
Laura: “My grandfather has always been my biggest inspiration. His compassionate and strong nature is something I strive towards.”

4. Why did you decide to volunteer together?

“We decided to volunteer together because we both shared an interest in refugee issues and wanted to be involved with the clinic. Having the chance to do our volunteering together was an added bonus. We have known each other since childhood and we knew that being friends would be a great benefit for our position at the Clinic.”

5. What are two words that describe the clients you have met at the Clinic?

“Two words that describe the clients we have met at the clinic are very hard to choose.. So hard that we each chose two. Lovely, genuine, overwhelmingly kind and enthusiastic.”