Fall 2012 Donations

Hi Halifax!

The Refugee Clinic is seeking a number of items for clients, such as donations of bus tickets, grocery store gift cards, international calling cards, and personal hygiene items (new only).

We’re getting low! Help us replenish our free personal hygiene items for clients!

We are also looking for donations of gently used clothing for our second hand clothing boutique, Section 96, which we now operate in a Pop-Up shop format from our office space and other locations around town! The clothing you donate will be sold to raise funds for the Halifax Refugee Clinic and clients in need of warm clothing will be offered items free of charge. Also, don’t forget to shop for items at Section 96 to add to your wardrobe. We have new items every month such as dresses, shoes, boots, scarves, jewelry, jackets, quirky and unique delights and so much more! Please contact us for the next Pop-Up shop date.


A colourful selection from our August 2015 Pop-Up Shop!


If you would like to donate household items/furniture, please call us first as we cannot always accept such items due to lack of space. If we cannot accept your item(s) due to space limitations, we encourage you to contact the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank. They are a wonderful community-based organization and you can find out more about them here: http://www.parkerstreet.org/

Your donations make a positive impact in the lives of refugee claimants in our community and we wish to thank you for your ongoing support!